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Here on our tenant services page you can find a number of helpful tools that can make your experience with Provident easier and more convenient. We have included a number of tools that will a help you maintain your home, communicate with your property manager, or find copies of important information such as your lease or the property house rules. Thanks again for choosing to stay with Provident Property Managements.  

Request Maintenance

Please remember that this request should be for non-emergencies only.  Quickly submit a work order for any breakage, damage, or need for repair to the apartment or appliances. Our staff will get this message during normal business hours and contact the property owner then follow up with you promptly. Charges to the resident will only be assessed for repairs that result from carelessness, negligence, or oversight on the resident’s part (clogged commodes due to diapers, brushes, etc.; grease and food buildup on stove switches and wiring; and damaged windows, screens, floors, etc.)

If a problem is not satisfactorily addressed, please submit a second work order and indicate it as such in the work order system

A  fee will be assessed and you must re-schedule if any of the following occur:
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Moving Out

Did you know there are incentives for good tenants who want to move to stay with us? If you are interested in moving into another one of our great properties let us know. Most of the time there is no need to complete another application, and we can give you extra time to move from one property to the other.

Time to move on?

The first step when planning to move out is to give us at least a 60-day notice. This notice can be emailed or submitted through your online portal. Once we have your notice you will receive our informative Move-Out Packet, which includes a cleaning checklist and all the information you will need to get your full deposit back.

Moving out before your lease has ended?

Sometimes people need to move before their lease is up. Rather it be a job transfer, divorce, or other unforeseen reason, we have developed some options to make this possible. You will need to review the options agreement and select the one that works best for your situation. Once you have done that return the form to us, and we will begin the process and provide you with a Move-Out Packet if necessary.

Online Payments

Did you know you can pay your rent online? Simply log into your tenant portal and set up your online bill pay. You can either have your rent paid automatically each month or send the payment yourself. It’s cheaper than certified funds (up to 90% cheaper), faster than mail, more secure and simpler to do. If you have questions call the office for help.